Regular Programme

We extend a warm welcome to our church activities and meetings. In addition to the regular programme (below) we also like to do social and fun activities including men's and women's events. For more information please contact the church office. For what is coming up this week please refer to our calendar.


9.30am Prayer Meeting

10.30am Morning Service (at Leftwich Primary School, including Sunday Club for primary school children)

6.00pm Evening Service (in the church)


1.30pm Food Bank


9.30am Young Women's Bible Study (not every week - please check calendar)

1.30pm Senior Moments

6.30pm Youth Group (secondary school age children and in partnership with CWAC Youth Service)


1.00pm Ladies' Bible Study (not every week - please check calendar)

8.00pm Home Fellowship Groups (or in the church - see the calendar)


10.00am Jolly Tots (parent & toddler group)

2.30pm Home Fellowship Group (in the church)

6.30pm Seven (primary school age)